RapidBuildSM homes are manufactured homes that conserve energy and materials. Energy is conserved in both the building process and in the homeowner’s everyday use of the home. Each home is built to provide the homeowner an easy-to-maintain, healthy and safe home environment.

How is this accomplished?

RapidBuild manufactured homes are built in a quality-controlled factory environment. Factory construction provides for a controlled process where tolerances and quality can be continuously monitored. The entire building envelope is tightly sealed using sill-seal construction, air-tight ductwork, and all penetrations are sealed to keep the home energy efficient. A tight building keeps conditioned air indoors, while keeping noise and other pollutants out.

The RapidBuild Process is Highly Controlled:

The entire construction process is conducted indoors using high quality green materials, including kiln dry lumber:

  • Kiln dry lumber has less than 19% moisture content which means RapidBuild homes will never trap moisture within the structural framing.
  • The result is tighter construction because the wood never swells or shrinks during the building process.
  • There is very little waste of lumber, decking, sheathing.
  • Measurements are exact and don’t have to be redone due to inclement weather which can cause wood to shrink or expand.
RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes - roof in the rain

The construction and installation of all the separate components in RapidBuild homes is orchestrated to be efficient, precise and save energy. There are no wasted plumbing runs, duct runs, and electrical runs.

Each step of the building process is tightly coordinated to create a durable, clean, high-quality product.

RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes are Strong Under Stress:

RapidBuild homes are constructed to be strong under stress. Each structure is built on a steel frame and “stress- tested” in its transport to the building site. A manufactured home will be more resistant to water, fire and wind damage, and damage from seismic events. This is reassuring to those who have experienced loss or damage to their homes due to natural disasters.

RapidBuild manufactured housing uses low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints and adhesives, and recycled content materials.

RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes - construction in factory setting
RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes - construction hats and lightening

RapidBuild green manufactured homes are constructed in a controlled setting with plans and schedules set in advance, and the specialists work as a team. This efficient approach means that construction time is shortened considerably, saving time and energy in the construction, and protecting the building site from short term environmental disturbances such as erosion, run-off, and noise pollution. Higher efficiency and shorter construction time means greater energy savings. 

Living Green in RapidBuild Homes

All homes come equipped with Whirlpool appliances including stainless-steel front energy star- rated dishwasher, side-by-side refrigerator, self-clean range and over-range microwave.

RapidBuild green manufactured homes come fully equipped with the EnerGmiser® Energy Management Package. The EnerGmiser®  package is an exclusive system of techniques used in building our homes so you can significantly lower your utility costs.

RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes - insulation in framing

The EnerGmiser® system includes:

  • Insulated, Sealed Airtight Ducts– Homes are tested for expensive leakage using state-of-the-art duct blaster equipment. Sealed ducts prevent insulation and structural damage from condensation.
  • Graduated Air Delivery System– Graduated air delivery provides balanced air flow and comfort from room to room in your new home.
  • High Performance Air Return– Prevents pressure differences that allow outside airflow into your home. This also ensures even distribution of conditioned air and prevents “hot spots.”
  • Builder-Installed Seals– These seals are installed along building sections to significantly slow the inflow of untreated air and water vapor. Caulking all openings such as windows, electrical outlets, doors and plumbing makes your home more comfortable and water resistant.
  • Optimally-sized for High Efficiency Air Conditioner– A high-efficiency, optimally sized air-conditioner provides for greater comfort and lower installation and maintenance costs. It also offers continued savings every month because your home is equipped with correctly sized systems.
  • Dual Pane Low-E Windows– These windows reflect up to 70% of the sun’s radiant heat and its harmful ultraviolet rays. They also help retain heat in the home during the winter. This significantly reduces the cost of heating and cooling your home.
  • Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing– Reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat, lowering attic temperatures and improving your home’s energy efficiency. It increases indoor comfort while reducing energy consumption and costs to cool your home.

More RapidBuild EnerGmizer and Energy Star® Features

  • EPA Energy Star® Qualified Construction*
  • Graduated insulated in floor ductwork is blower tested for efficient heating & cooling
  • High efficiency furnace ready for central air conditioning or heat pump systems
  • R40 Attic Insulation and R38 Floor Insulation, R21 Wall Insulation
  • LED Lighting throughout
  • Sherwin Williams® Low VOC paint coatings
  • Whole home ventilation to improve indoor air quality & control humidity
  • Framed & finished indoors using kiln dry lumber eliminating weather damage during construction
RapidBuild Green Manufactured Homes - kiln dried lumber

RapidBuild manufactured homes are green homes because we rigorously control the home construction process in a controlled, factory environment. From start to finish, our process reduces energy consumption and minimizes waste compared with traditional on-site construction.