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The wildfires in October 2017 were devastating to many of us. Some of us had friends and family who lost homes, who felt they had lost everything. I saw a lot of despair after the fires – people were in shock, and the long, complicated, and expensive process of rebuilding seemed overwhelming.

Hi, I’m Mark Westphal.

I’ve been in the home building industry in Northern California for almost 30 years. The devastating North Bay fires inspired our group of building professionals to form a company called “Renew Now Homes”. We decided to use our collective expertise to make rebuilding easier, faster and less stressful for homeowners who had lost their homes to this natural disaster.

In Europe, Scandinavia and Asia, the majority of new housing is factory-built. Manufactured housing has become very well-regarded and for good reason. In a controlled environment, it’s a quick, efficient and more accurate way to build, and at a significantly lower cost.

Our RapidBuildSM manufactured homes are attractively designed with high-quality fit and finish – and each home can be customized to the homeowners’ specifications. Just like on-site building, homes are inspected for precision and quality at every step along the way.

RapidBuild homes must also conform to Housing and Urban Development standards, better known as HUD. They are equal in strength, wind resistance, and fire resistance. They are built with green materials and are Energy Star efficient.  And, because the building process saves so much in energy and materials, we can build houses at a significant cost savings versus a house that built on site, and those savings equate to value for our homebuyers.

Our company works with homeowners through every step of the process – from financing – to permitting – to building, delivery and utility hook-ups – until final inspections are completed. We deliver a turn-key home ready for move-in.

Our goal is to simplify and streamline the building process.  We make it possible for you to keep your property, rebuild and remain in your community – right here in the North Bay.

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