RapidBuildSM Homes: Affordable High-Quality Housing

RapidBuildSM homes are manufactured homes that are built in the controlled environment of a manufacturing plant and are transported to a homesite in one or more sections to be set on a permanent foundation and finished on site.

Manufactured homes are the only homes in the U.S. that are guaranteed to meet the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) stringent standards for home construction. HUD is a federal agency responsible for codes regulating national building practices.

All RapidBuildSM homes must meet the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards established by HUD. These safety standards include those for wind resistance, roof load, thermal efficiency, safety and durability. These standards are also typically higher than those regulated by local or regional building codes. This is welcome news to those who have lost their homes due to natural disaster.

HUD requires an independent third-party inspection of all manufactured homes built to its standards. Additionally, California has also reserved the right to conduct inspections and investigations that it determines may be necessary to secure enforcement of the HUD Code requirements. This means that customers in California have the added benefit of both state and federal regulatory oversight of their RapidBuildSM home purchase.

A RapidBuildSM home that meets all HUD standards will bear an insignia of HUD compliance which must stay affixed to the home.

More and more people are choosing manufactured homes over other types of factory-built or site-built homes for their permanent residence. According to national census data, it is estimated that manufactured homes make up at least 8 percent of overall home ownership in the US.

Because of the significant time and materials saved and the efficiency of the building and installation process, the home buyer is able to own a high-quality, high-performance home at a significantly lower cost.

New and Improved RapidBuildSM Manufactured Homes are Now Available:

The RapidBuildSM process was developed to produce the highest quality manufactured home. A RapidBuildSM home is beautifully designed, energy-efficient and water-efficient. It is also resilient to wind, seismic activity and moisture, and can be customized for the individual homeowner’s needs.

A RapidBuildSM home is built using green, non-toxic materials, and equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The builder is involved every step of the way, from factory to installation to connecting utilities, until the home is move-in ready.

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