In the North Bay, over a period of 24 hours in early October 2017, more than 5,400 homes were burned to the ground. There were almost as many partial residence losses, over 3,000 vehicle losses and 600 commercial property losses, including farm and agricultural losses. This has had a profound impact on families, neighborhoods, jobs and businesses in the affected communities, as well as in the surrounding communities.

Within a month, Sonoma County had opened a comprehensive service center to offer information to homeowners and developers/contractors about rebuilding, permitting and resources. Santa Rosa has fast-tracked the permit and approval process and waived some of the rebuilding fees in the areas destroyed. Renew Now Homes is currently working with the City of Santa Rosa to further streamline the permitting and building process.

Northern California is home to some of the world’s best scenery, attractions, arts and culture. We want to help ensure that families and businesses recover quickly so they can once again enjoy all the North Bay has to offer. Our goal is to help restore normalcy as soon as possible to residents displaced by the North Bay fires. We have an abundance of unique gifts: a pristine environment, fresh air, open space, family and dog-friendly parks, award-winning wineries, hiking, biking, kayaking/canoeing, and most of all, a marvelous sense of community.